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Algeria feels impact of its Morocco ports boycott

by Iresha Wijewardene
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Algeria’s boycott of all Moroccan ports has backfired as the country backpedals by excluding fresh produce and meat from the decision.

Last month, Algeria asked its banks to stop financing any import operation of goods transiting through Moroccan ports.

The decision to exclude perishable products and meat came as the Algerian market felt the detrimental impact of such a self-defeating decision that caused delays and price hikes in basic goods.

In a country where grains are rationed and queues for milk become commonplace, Algeria continues to rely on imported foodstuff to feed its growing population.

The boycott of Moroccan ports came at a time when Tanger Med posted a new record in container traffic fostering its foothold as the largest port in the Mediterranean with 122 million tons handled last year.

Tanger Med has become a key hub for the shipping industry requiring deep water ports.

The decision is part of desperate economic warfare tactics staged by Algeria since the duo Chengriiha-Tebboune took power in Algiers.

Trade between Morocco and Algeria is already at a very derisory level and the Algerian decision will only have a very minimal impact on Tanger Med port, which prepares for yet another expansion taking advantage of its strategic location.

After cutting diplomatic ties, halting gas supplies, and banning all Moroccan planes from Algerian airspace, the Algerian regime has run out of moves to undermine Morocco’s thriving economy.


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