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Anticipating Bird Flu, Government Asked to Coordinate Asean Ministries of Health in Indonesian Chairmanship

by Iresha Wijewardene
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JAKARTA, – Health expert from YARSI University Prof. Tjandra Yoga Aditama asked the Indonesian government to coordinate the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) of ASEAN countries to anticipate the transmission of bird flu to humans. This coordination can be carried out since the chair of ASEAN in 2023 will be in Indonesia. “It would be good if our Ministry of Health coordinated all health ministries in ASEAN countries for vigilance and anticipation (bird flu),” said Prof. Tjandra in a press release, Monday (27/2/2023).

The former WHO Southeast Asia Director of Communicable Diseases said that anticipation was carried out by detecting cases of bird flu in ASEAN countries other than Cambodia, including Indonesia. It is known, cases of bird flu (H5N1) have been transmitted to humans in Cambodia. Most recently, an 11-year-old child died from the disease. Previously, there were 22 chickens and three ducks that died in the family’s home environment. In the village where the family lives, a number of wild birds have died, and there are 11 other people who are being examined for the possibility of contracting bird flu. “It is necessary to detect whether there are cases in other ASEAN countries outside of Cambodia, including Indonesia. If there are, maximum efforts are needed to control them at the source,” he said.

Source control, said Prof. Tjandra, is meant to prevent cases from spreading to other countries. On the other hand, countries that have not had cases need to fortify themselves so that bird flu does not enter the country. While in the country, there are at least five things that need to be done. First, strict surveillance on poultry and humans to detect the possibility of an entry of cases. “For poultry, it can be detected in three places, namely farms, chicken markets, and the home environment. For humans, it can be detected in hospitals and other health facilities,” he said. between human health and animal health to go into the field.

Third, re-check the readiness and availability of diagnostic tools, if they are widely needed one day. Fourth, check the availability of the bird flu drug, which so far is Oseltamivir under the Tamiflu brand. Fifth, continue to work closely with WHO to monitor developments in cases and genomics. “Collaboration with WHO in at least three ways, namely the development of cases in various countries, the development of genomic cases in humans and poultry, and international cooperation for the availability of logistics,” he explained.

Source: Kompas

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