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Brickfields’ Lawanya serves up cheap ‘n tasty Indian fare

by Myint Nyan
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Given that Deepavali season is in full swing, Brickfields has become a bustling hub of activity and colours with many Indians busy preparing for the big day.

This historical district is quite worth the visit at this time of the year, especially if you’re a foodie in search of seasonal treats. That said, there are some eateries which will always be worth your time, some of which can be quite hidden from view.

Take a stroll around the area and chances are that you will end up in Lorong Scott, a short walk from the massive Sri Kandaswamy Temple.

If you’re there at lunchtime, you’ll spot a long line of people patiently queuing in this alley. On closer inspection, you’ll see an eatery there, imbued in a bright green hue that is hard to miss.

You’ve reached Lawanya Food Corner, a humble family-run establishment that has been operating since 1983.

If a simple stall such as this has managed to survive over three decades, you can safely hedge your bets that there’s something good cooking here.

And good is pretty much what describes the southern Indian delicacies you find here, with around twenty dishes, consisting of meat and vegetable options, served in clay pots.

Given that you can get a plate of rice here with five dishes, two meats and three vegetables for just RM20, this is quite the steal, especially by KL standards.

With so many delicious and tantalising dishes, it can be difficult to decide which to choose. So, opt for the crowd favourites as these are unlikely to disappoint.

In many of the stall’s Google Reviews, many commenters heap praise on Lawanya’s mutton curry and chicken varuval.

As it turns out, they live up to the hype. The mutton curry is possibly among the best Brickfields has to offer. The meat is tender and thankfully, there’s more meat than bones to go around and it is delightfully infused with a good balanced curry.

You may be tempted to walk away with nothing but this, but don’t! Their signature chicken varuval is out of this world, so do give it a try. The hot blend of spices packs an addictive punch here, in both heat and flavour.

While these two dishes are a constant, the rest tend to be swapped daily, so there’s something different each time you drop by.

On the day of FMT’s visit, among the dishes served was mutton bone marrow curry, a rare find these days. Compared to most curries, the marrow curry had a distinct creaminess and aroma, befitting the difficulty in preparing this dish.

If you are fond of the marrow, ask for a straw as sucking out the tasty bits is a little tricky.

A must-try vegetable dish is the fried kovai or scarlet gourd, by the way! It has the look and texture of deep-fried bitter gourd minus the bitterness.

Another vegetable dish to look out for is the moringa, known as drumstick leaves in English. Here, they are served with shredded coconut bits and they are a crunchy and cooling dish perfect to counter the heaty spices of the meat curries.

As for refreshments, have a glass of neer moor, or spiced buttermilk that has a distinct sourness and spiciness to it.

Alternatively, just ask for a cup of venthayam, or fenugreek water, which is said to have several health benefits and helps to cleanse your palate.

Speaking to FMT, chef and family matriarch Challama said, “Most of these dishes are my mum’s recipes, though I did learn a few simply by travelling around.”

With how crowded this place is at lunchtime, she is unlikely to stop cooking up her delicious meals any time soon.

Lawanya Food Corner
No. 1077/8, Lorong Scott
Kuala Lumpur

Business hours:
10.30am-3.30pm: Monday-Friday
7.00am-12.00pm: Saturday
Closed on Sundays

Contact: 016-2202117/016-2218074

Source : Free Malaysia Today

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