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Rabat – Morocco’s recent announcement of its plan to gradually shift towards English education marks a significant turning point in the country’s educational system. As the nation embraces this linguistic revolution, the Superior Institute for Science and Technology (SIST) stands as a beacon of promise, positioned to play a crucial role in laying the groundwork for this transformative change.

SIST has been delivering British education in Morocco for the past 20 years, awarding Bachelor, Master’s, and MBA degrees from Cardiff Metropolitan University. SIST, which operates entirely in English, is the first established British institute in Morocco, offering students the privilege of receiving a British education with globally recognized degrees. 

Accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in Morocco, SIST has been producing graduates who excel in the English business world, armed with fluency in three languages and the skills acquired through the school’s meticulous British curriculum.

One of the defining features of SIST’s approach is its partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University, known for its career-oriented courses and high academic standards. 

Delivering Morocco’s vision

The university’s focus on industry collaboration ensures that SIST students are equipped with practical knowledge and skills that are highly sought after by employers.

This aligns perfectly with Morocco’s vision for an English education system that prepares students to succeed in the job market and thrive in an increasingly interconnected and competitive world.

In September 2022, Morocco’s Minister of Higher Education Abdellatif Miraoui, emphasized the need to produce university graduates who are equipped with tools that will enable them to excel in their professional careers, notably proficiency in the English language.

“In order to become university professors, they [Ph.D. students] need to have expertise” in a wide range of areas, including proficiency in French and English, as well as digital and personal skills,” Miraoui stressed.

The Minister made the statement while commenting on his ministry’s plans to reinforce the presence of the English language in Morocco’s institution of higher education.

Another key aspect that sets SIST apart and makes it a suitable partner for Morocco’s scheduled shift to English education, is its unique English immersion methodology. All classroom instruction, communication, and learning activities are conducted solely in English, encouraging students to develop fluency and confidence in the language. 

For those who may face difficulty adjusting to English medium instruction, the International Foundation Year offers a solution by equipping students with the necessary language skills and academic research abilities.

By immersing students in an English-only environment, SIST helps them become more proficient in the language and encourages them to communicate and express themselves in the language.

Nurturing Talent and Expertise

In addition, the NCC International Foundation Year at SIST provides “guaranteed access to prestigious universities in the UK,” further enhancing opportunities for international exposure and academic growth, SIST promises.

This tailored academic program prepares students for direct entry to high-level programs, aligning with Morocco’s emphasis on nurturing talent and expertise.

The institution’s diverse range of Bachelor and Master’s programs, including International Trade, Marketing Management, Finance Management, Human Resources Management, and BSc Software Engineering, cater to various career paths and industries. 

The courses focus on developing the Cardiff Met EDGE (Digital, Entrepreneurial, and Ethical skills), which enhances employability and prepares students for the global labor market.

The institution’s commitment to student success extends beyond the academic realm, as SIST ensures that 100% of its students undergo Placement Internships during their second year of Bachelor studies. This further boosts their practical skills and industry relevance. 

In addition, SIST connects students with multinational businesses operating in English in Morocco through the yearly Job Fair, fostering invaluable networking opportunities at major companies. 

“Studying at SIST opens new horizons for students,” said SIST’s President Tariq Obaide, promising to offer students a wider range of international opportunities.

In recent years, Morocco has demonstrated a strong commitment to reinforcing English language learning, with the aim of bolstering the country’s international competitiveness and appeal to foreign investors. 

The Moroccan government unveiled last year plans to increase the number of English teachers in middle schools to strengthen students’ English proficiency. 

This shift towards English comes in response to the growing recognition among Moroccan youth of the language’s importance for educational, career, and cultural opportunities, with many hoping that English will become the country’s first foreign language, in replacement of French.

Morocco has launched various initiatives and partnerships in the field of education and English language learning, including a Memorandum of Understanding with the UK to increase the use of English language assessments in Moroccan public universities. 

The establishment of Coventry University’s first British campus in Morocco also reflects the growing demand for English language education among Moroccans, especially the youth. 

These efforts demonstrate Morocco’s dedication to achieving greater global connectivity and positioning itself on the international stage.

Morocco’s strategic position as a hub for global businesses operating in English makes fluency in the language an invaluable asset for Moroccan students and university graduates. 

As Morocco takes bold steps toward an English education system, SIST’s track record of providing high-quality British education, its strong ties with Cardiff Metropolitan University, and its English immersion methodology make it the ideal institution to lead this transformative shift. 

By continuing to equip students with relevant skills, knowledge, and global perspectives, SIST is keen on playing a pivotal role in shaping Morocco’s future as a competitive force in the English-speaking business world.

Source : MoroccoWorldNews

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