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Indonesia Promotes Enhancement of Technical Cooperation in South China Sea Conflict Management

by Deepak Mirza
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Banten, Indonesia – “We must continue to nurture a habit of conversation, communication, dialogue, and collaboration among participants to pave the way for our future generation.” said Dr. Yayan G.H. Mulyana, Head of the Foreign Policy Strategy Agency in the Workshop on Managing Potential Conflicts in the South China Sea. The workshop was organised by FPSA in collaboration with the Geospatial Information Agency and the Center for Southeast Asian Studies. The workshop was preceded by the 18th Working Group on the Study of Tides and Sea Level Changes and its Impacts on the Coastal Environment in the South China Sea (24/08).

Dr. Yayan G.H. Mulyana further conveyed three main keys to strengthening cooperation between participating parties in the midst of changing global dynamics. First, strengthen collaboration and cooperation among participants in maximizing the use of science, data, technology, and innovation. Second, nurture a habit of dialogue and collaboration to prevent potential conflicts; and third, look for approaches and joint efforts to make the Workshop more strategic and have more impact in dealing with current and future challenges.

The Workshop was held in a hybrid manner and attended by 67 experts, academics, and practitioners from 9 participating parties namely Brunei Darussalam, Laos, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Chinese Taipei, and Vietnam. The workshop aims to build closer cooperation to promote peace, stability, prosperity, and partnership followed by concrete achievements in the South China Sea region.

The 32nd Workshop adopted the Guidelines for Consideration and Implementation of Project Proposals as a guide for projects under the framework of future workshops. The workshop

agreed in principle on the Standard Operating Procedures for the Utilization of Special Funds in managing the financial assistance to the parties.

The workshop also took note of a number of project proposals as a form of concrete cooperation by participating parties, including: Research on Coral Reef Resilience Against Increased Threats of Anthropogenic Activities and Climate Changes, and Assessment of the Effects of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise on the Mangrove Ecosystem; Research on the Crown-of-thorns Starfish (COTS); Research under the theme of enhancing marine ecosystem in the Myanmar Coast; and Research under the theme of enhancing marine ecosystem in the South China Sea by addressing climate change impacts.

Since the first Workshop held in Bali in 1990, this 1.5-track dialogue has become an invaluable forum where discussions and sharing of information and experiences have occurred in a cordial and transparent manner, aimed at promoting peace, stability, prosperity, and most importantly friendship and cooperation in the South China Sea region.

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