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One Petition Wants Najib to Stay Behind Bars; Two Others Call for His Release

by Pathirara Senarath
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KUALA LUMPUR: Three online petitions have been created for former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s cause – one for him to stay behind bars while two wanting him to be freed via a royal pardon.

On the change.org website, electoral watchdog Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (Bersih) started a petition titled ‘Najib Tidak Wajar Diampunkan (Najib should not be pardoned)’ which has obtained 139,389 signatures so far.

Addressing the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and Istana Negara, Bersih asked the public to sign the petition as some parties were applying for a royal pardon for Najib, who had been found guilty by the country’s highest court.

In its plea, Bersih said it should not happen and asked the king not to exercise his discretion to pardon Najib, who had stolen public funds in the SRC International Case and had been given due process of a fair trial.

It said the rakyat had to suffer the impact of corruption by elected officials who enriched themselves with the nation’s wealth.

It added that the people had to live with the indignity of being known for the world’s most significant kleptocracy case.

“With all our hearts, we appeal to Your Majesty to consider our request to deny any appeal for a pardon by Najib, who has brought shame to this country. As a nation, we must not tolerate corruption or the corrupt, whoever that person may be.

“Let Najib serves his 12 years in jail and pay the RM210 million fine to serve as an example to any leaders who think they can corruptly abuse their position of authority,” read the petition.

One petitioner signer, Imran Ramadhan Rama, said it would not be right for the king to give pardon as there was proof that Najib was guilty.

“The Agong must issue a statement stating there will be no pardon Najib. Otherwise, what is the justice system in Malaysia (for) if it can pardon criminals like Najib?

“Almost the whole of Malaysia supports Najib’s sentence to prison. The Agong must reject (the pardon) right away. Thank you, Agong.”

Mahira Mulio wrote:” Corrupted ex-leaders and high-profile criminals who have abused their power and position should not be given leniency as they have broken the trust and responsibility to the country. It should be as equally as severe as treason.”

On the contrary, a petition calling for Najib’s freedom via a royal pardon started by Ariff Alias one day ago has so far garnered 9,275 signatures.

The petition sought Najib’s release because it was an unfair trial and Court of Appeal Judge Datuk Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali had breached the Judges Code of Ethics.

The petition also supported the dissenting judgement of Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak Datuk Abdul Rahman Sebli to be studied thoroughly by the Pardons Board so that all punishments against Najib would be dropped.

Lizza Ithnin, who signed the petition, said Najib was persecuted and should not have been jailed.

“I ask for Najib to be immediately released. He is the best former prime minister. No other prime ministers can compare.”

Jueita Mariena wanted justice and freedom for Najib, saying it was wrong to persecute someone who had contributed to the nation and its people.

BNComms Selangor had also started a petition, saying that Najib had been selectively persecuted and his imprisonment was motivated by political revenge.

It said Najib was liked by the two world economic powerhouses, China and the United States. The nation, without his leadership, had caused foreign investments to suffer.

Source : NST

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