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Restoration of Iran-Egypt ties impacts on Gaza conflict

by Hari Majumder
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Some news stories have been recently released, citing an Egyptian official, about the imminent normalization of relations between Tehran and Cairo.

This comes just after President Abdel Fattah El Sisi received a phone call from President of Iran Ebrahim Raeisi who congratulated him on his re-election for a new term in office.

Speculation about the imminent re-establishment of relations between the two countries has not materialized after all those years.

Iran and Egypt’s lack of diplomatic ties, the most crucial of its kind, has hindered the two influential regional players from benefiting from mutual relations. The current situation in Gaza, along with the national and regional interests of both countries, has heightened the significance and immediacy of establishing this relationship.

Palestinian groups, such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad, are currently involved in the most intense conflict in Israeli-Palestinian history.

This is a critical situation for both parties as each success in this conflict will significantly affect the entire Middle East. Therefore, both sides are working to overcome the opposition of the other. The resistance of each side in the conflict will be crucial in determining the outcome. This is why Western nations have been vying to support the Zionist regime since the onset of the Gaza war.

For instance, the high-profile officials of the US, UK, France, and Germany were the first supporters that visited Tel Aviv immediately after the war broke out.

Since then, Western political and military support for the Israeli regime has continued. However, the Israeli military’s unexpected failures and global public reaction have cast these countries into doubt about unwavering support for Israeli attacks.

The operation is so intense that Israel has imported new ammunition from the United States twice, despite having a huge arsenal of weapons.

Hamas, on the other side, has far less access to weapons and ammunition.

Restoration of Iran-Egypt ties impacts on Gaza conflict

Gaza is under overnight bombardment by Israeli forces. How long can this little ammunition last? At this point, Gaza’s access to the outside world is almost closed, and even food and medicine cannot easily enter the enclave.

The Zionist regime of Israel has surrounded the Strip, and the only remaining way Gaza connects to the outside world is through Egypt.

The lack of contact between Iran and Egypt has made the relationship between Iran and the Palestinian organizations difficult.

In the current situation, if the relationship between Iran and Egypt is re-established, Palestinian combatants’ spirits will be boosted. In contrast, the development will terrify Israeli officials and severely undermine their will to continue the invasion of Gaza.

The restoration of Iran-Egypt relations in the current situation could greatly change the balance of power in favor of the Resistance. Accordingly, this could have a serious impact as a result of the war.

Therefore, policymakers in countries such as Iran and Egypt, are expected to understand the importance of this issue and its time sensitivity and act per its importance and urgency.

Other countries in the region, such as Oman, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, that have supported this issue, are also expected to help achieve this restoration as soon as possible, thus positively affecting the situation in the region, which is involved in the brutal Israeli aggression.

The re-establishment of this relationship, while preparing the ground for bilateral cooperation on the issue of Palestine, paves the way for consultation, exchange of views, and addressing the concerns of the parties about the regional developments.

Egyptian authorities, and high-ranking officials from other countries in the region, are probably concerned about some of the consequences of Hamas’s victory, including the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power.

These concerns can be raised and resolved through dialogue and fraternal reconciliation between the regional parties.

The Islamic Republic severed diplomatic ties with Egypt in 1980 when Egypt welcomed the deposed Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and recognized the Israeli regime. However, the two countries have maintained some diplomatic contacts.

Source: MEHR News Agency

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