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Russia ‘sets Up Firing Positions’ Around Ukraine Nuclear Plant as Disaster Fears Grow

by Zeya Mg
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Moscow’s forces are continuing to up their presence around Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) in a worrying sign, according an an insider.

Workers inspecting Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant fear Russia could attack it – and are “extremely wary” of what Putin may have in store for the unit.

They even claimed Putin’s armies had put “objects resembling explosives” on top of two of its reactors.

ZNPP has six reactors and contains stores of nuclear fuel and radioactive materials.

Question marks over what Russia expects to do ZNPP have been placed under the microscope in recent weeks, and now employees at the plant have laid bare their own fears of what the Kremlin could do next.

Vladimir Putin’s plans for the power plant are still unknown (Image: GETTY)

One employee at the ZNPP, who wished to remain anonymous, told Ukrainian broadcaster Suspilne that Russia was continuing to bolster its presence around the plant, which Moscow first took control of in March 2022.

And most worryingly, the insider claimed, was that Russia had no indication of vacating the plant any time soon.

The source said: “Initially, the Russians weren’t as active; they were digging trenches around the perimeter (of the power plant), closer to the city.

“To a civilian like myself, it appeared as though this was more of a busy work.”

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But the employee said Russia was “now adopting a more technologically advanced approach, setting up firing positions within the station buildings” that could see a new twist in ZNPP’s fate.

They added: “It creates an impression that they’re bracing for a fight. But it could also reflect a lack of anything else to do. They might orchestrate sabotage, no one could stop that.

“However, it doesn’t seem like a preparation for sabotage as they’re fortifying themselves in, as if for a battle.”

Earlier this week, Ukraine warned Russia against any provocations at ZNPP, backing claims that “foreign objects resembling explosive devices” had been placed on the outer roof of the reactor buildings.

In a statement, Kyiv’s armed forces said the detonation of the devices “should not damage power units but may create a picture of shelling from Ukraine“.

According to The New Voice of Ukraine, fake news regarding ZNPP has emerged in Russia, with it said Kyiv is planning “provocations” against Moscow.

The publication noted that, as of July 5, the plant remained normal.

Radiation levels across Ukraine were also at “acceptable limits”.

Source : Express

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