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The Promotion of Hainan Free Trade Port System Entered Asean for the First Time

by Hari Majumder
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Xinhua Finance Haikou, February 27th (Reporters Zhong Qun and Chen Ziwei) In order to enhance the world influence of Hainan Free Trade Port, in the middle and late February, a delegation from the Hainan Provincial Government went to Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia and Hong Kong, China to launch A number of investment promotion activities were held, aiming to release the signal of opening up and promote the deepening of cooperation.

On February 15th, the Hainan Free Trade Port Promotion Conference with the theme of “New Era, New Opening, New Business Opportunities” was held in Hong Kong, China. Extensive cooperation consensus.

“The cooperation between Qionggang and Hong Kong will usher in explosive positive development” “Seize the rare opportunity of Hainan’s great opening up and great development”…Some Hong Kong guests who came to the conference saw the opportunities and bright prospects of Hainan from the conference , sent out such emotion.

At the promotion meeting held in Indonesia, 13 cooperation projects between Hainan and Indonesia were signed, involving the opening of international routes, coconut procurement, natural rubber raw material procurement, factory investment, cross-border e-commerce, etc., with a contract value of nearly 3.5 billion yuan.

“The promotion will let many Indonesian entrepreneurs know about Hainan’s opening up, and it will be beneficial for both parties to connect the business circles of Indonesia and Hainan more closely.” Chen Xin, vice president of the Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association, spoke highly of the promotion. evaluate.

During his stay in Brunei, he reached a preliminary consensus with the Brunei government on strengthening cooperation in rice seed industry and deep-sea aquaculture.

Zhang Zhenlong, chairman of the Thai Outbound Tourism Association, said: “I look forward to Hainan for a long time, and hope that the multi-destination product brought this time can continue to be an exclusive product loved by Chinese and Thai tourists. Next, we must promote more routes. Encrypted, tourists send each other.”

“This free trade port promotion meeting will effectively promote the upgrading of Sino-Vietnamese economic and trade cooperation.” Wei Huaxiang, the Chinese Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City, said that the policy and institutional arrangements of the Hainan Free Trade Port will bring a new round to the ASEAN region, including Vietnam. development opportunities.

Many Chinese companies who followed the Hainan delegation have benefited a lot. Coming to Indonesia again after three years, Huang Chunguang, chairman of Hainan Chunguang Food Co., Ltd., was excited after participating in the Hainan Free Trade Port Promotion Conference: “The harvest is too great.”

Because of the epidemic, Chunguang Food Company has not added new business or partners with the Indonesian market in recent years. After this trip to Jakarta, Indonesia to participate in the promotion conference, the situation of “stopping progress” changed rapidly.

“In addition to signing the coconut raw material procurement contract, I met many new friends through the promotion meeting, some of which are well-known Indonesian companies that I have long wanted to meet. We have initially reached cooperation intentions with some new customers, and we will continue to expand cooperation with Indonesia in the future .” Huang Chunguang said.

Zhu Lin, a senior official of the Thai government, said that he is a frequent visitor to Hainan, and humorously mentioned that he ate “eight Wenchang chickens”, witnessing the rapid development of the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port over the past two years. He suggested that Thailand and Hainan expand the Mini FTA agreement, strengthen the flow of people, logistics, and capital flows between the two sides, increase the frequency of bilateral economic and trade cooperation fairs, and make full use of the RCEP center for cooperation and exchanges to achieve a win-win situation.

“Under China’s careful construction, Hainan Free Trade Port is a brand-new gem. Hainan is ready to welcome the world, and Indonesia’s high-quality products can reach all parts of China through Hainan.” Xu Jinxiang, chairman of International Global (Indonesia) Group Co., Ltd. Looking forward to future cooperation.

In order to more concretely implement the China-Cambodia “Diamond Hexalateral” cooperation framework agreement, the delegation reached a consensus on accelerating the construction of the “China-Cambodia Tropical Ecological Agriculture Cooperation Demonstration Zone” and deepening technical exchanges and cooperation in the agricultural field.

The Hainan delegation also visited several government departments of the five ASEAN countries and made a comprehensive introduction to the policy system of the Hainan Free Trade Port. Practical results have been achieved in fields such as the promotion platform construction.

During this promotion event, the delegation of Hainan Province also visited overseas chambers of commerce and Chinese and foreign enterprises, and carried out exchanges in the fields of science, education and agriculture.

According to reports, the Hainan Provincial Government delegation’s investment promotion activity in ASEAN is the first overseas promotion activity for the Hainan Free Trade Port after the adjustment and optimization of the epidemic policy. This promotion activity has deepened mutual understanding, released goodwill, reached a consensus of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation between Hainan and ASEAN, and fully demonstrated the construction achievements of Hainan Free Trade Port. (over)

Editor: Wang Su

Source: Sina News

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